Film & Television Writing

I Don’t Belong In This World: On the Saltair Pavilion, Mary Henry, and Carnival of Souls, written for Bright Wall Dark Room.

It’s Lonely Out Here, So You Better Learn How to Talk, written for Bright Wall Dark Room.

Alumni Spotlight: Ana Breton and Victoria Elena Nones, written for the Department of Film & Media Arts.

Toy Story 4 review, written for The Reel Women.

Us review, written for The Reel Women.

Shrill and the Power of Fucking Up, written for The Reel Women.

My Happy Family, featured in The Female Gaze by Alicia Malone.

Exquisite Corpse, written for Bright Wall Dark Room.

The Apartment: Finding Happiness in Broken Reality, featured in the Aperture blog.

Stefon and the Benign Violation, featured in the Aperture blog.

Tom Cruisin’, a personal essay on trying to reconcile my love of Tom Cruise with who I’ve grown up to be.

Daisies, a look into one of my favorite shots in one of my favorite films.

Re-Mi-Do-Do-SoClose Encounters and the ineffable.

The Documentarian as Tourist: Travel and Representation in Documentary, second-place winner and featured in Aperture, Brigham Young University’s journal of Media Arts.

Ending 3-D’s Transience: Narrative Compatibility in 3-D Film, presented at the PCA/ACA National Conference on April 4th, 2015.

Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephants: The Logic of Nonsense in Children’s Media, a strong writing sample with a title I’m proud of.


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